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10 Questions To Ask About your Holiday Traditions

December 7, 2009

Holiday season is here and time to unpack holiday ornaments, treasures & traditions. This made me think about holiday traditions…the things that we do as we grew up doing, participating in and sometimes whining about. This got me thinking…how did these traditions get started & do they still work for me and my family. As adults, we can choose to carry on a tradition or to stop a tradition that no longer works or has meaning.

So… here’s my 2 cents on questions to ask about your holiday traditions.

1. How does this tradition make me feel?
2. Does this tradition still bring me enjoyment?
3. Does this tradition work in my family?
4. Whose value is placed on this tradition?
5. What memories does this tradition bring up for me?
6. Would I miss this tradition from my life?
7. What can I do to update this tradition to better meet my family’s needs?
8. Do I want to carry on this tradition?
9. Does my family value this tradition?
10. What new traditions can I/We start that makes sense in our family?

What holiday traditions are you willing to really look at this year?

Have you created some new holiday traditions yet?

Until next time… Make each day count!

Be Untraditional,