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The Light And Dark

December 22, 2009

Without darkness the light would be indistinguishable…So as it is in life, we need to have the contrast to bring out the greatness. On this December 21st day of the Winter Solstice…let us celebrate contrasts in many different forms.

So… here’s my 2 cents on light and the dark.

1. Without sorrow…we cannot know Happiness
2. Without loss…we cannot know Growth
3. Without failure…we cannot know Success
4. Without pain…we cannot know Love
5. Without heartache…we cannot know Deep Love

Here is a Solstice poem I found that spoke to me this season.

Solstice Fires (yuletide/Christmas poem)
By Ian R. Thorpe

Solstice fires burn bright as newborn stars
shedding warmth where frost – wolf’s icy breath
silvers streams, kisses each leafless branch,
making the eternal mother yield.
Frosted buds glitter like frozen tears
as nature mourns the mother’s little death;
dark demons spread a heavy shroud to blanch
colour from the woodland, heath and field.

But of each thing a little spark, preserved
and tended by the ones who serve the flame
survives to light embryo season’s birth,
’til life returns one more, vibrant and green.
Reaching higher each day the pale sun curves,
not strong enough to set the sky aflame.
So while nature languishes in dearth,
this darkest night the solstice fires burn.


What gifts have the dark brought to you this year?

Have you celebrated your many contrasts yet?

Until next time… Make each day count!

Be Light,