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14 Ways To Be Present With Your Children

August 31, 2009

I was reminded by my children this past week of how fast time can seem to fly by. Seems just like a few weeks ago that they were both toddlers…and always with me & by my side.
When they were younger…being by my side sometimes felt to me as having no room of my own.
Other times it felt so safe, comfortable and enjoyable. I enjoyed the time we spent just being together and watching them discover new things along the way.
I have noticed with the advancing technologies that parents seem more distracted than ever before.
This naturally got me thinking.

So here’s my 2 cents on 14 ways to stay present and connected with your children.

1. Go for a nice nature walk with you children…doesn’t matter their age they will benefit from this time
2. Go to a park with playground equipment
3. Swing your children on the swings
4. Help them slide down the slide…or better yet go down the slide with or after them
5. Have swinging contest with then to see how high the can go! (older children of course)
6. Spray parks are a great way to cool down and enjoy the sunshine…join them in the water too
7. Visit the library and let them choose a few books on their own
8. Have a finger painting day and let them create their fun…join in on the fun and do your own picture too
9. Biking is a great way to enjoy time together…if too young to do on own get a carrier or bike cart for them to be with you on the ride
10. Let toddlers and young children explore their own back yard and go bug collecting
11. Watch the kids do summersaults…join them
12. Collect nature bits with them…stick, leaves, rocks…
13. Turn off your cell phone, iPod, Blackberry, iPhone, computer, TV or anything else that distracts your attention
14. Be in the present moment

What moments are you missing?

Have you decided to stay present in your life yet?

Until next time… Make each day count!

Be Aware,