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15 Great Poems That Stand Out

November 14, 2009


Fall is closing in on winter and soon the ground will be covered in a white blanket of snow. Winter brings with it the stillness of life, the slowing down to relax, restore and just being. Poetry has a ring of music to it and produces a wide range of emotions with few words and for me… the ring of truth. This made me put together a list of great poems that I have enjoyed over the years.

So….here’s my 2 cents on great poems that stand out.

1. Touched By An Angel * by Maya Angelou
2. There Is Another Sky * by Emily Dickinson
3. Nothing Gold Can Stay * by Robert Frost
4. Yesterday I cried * by Iyanla Vanzant
5. The Swing * by Robert Louis Stevenson
6. Still I Rise * by Maya Angelou
7. Our Deepest Fear * by Marianne Williamson
8. Three Things To Remember * by William Blake
9. Dedication * by Robert Louis Stevenson
10. I Know Why The Caged Bird Sings * by Maya Angelou
11. The Road Less Traveled * by Robert Frost
12. Where The Sidewalk Ends * by Shel Silverstein
13. Night * by William Blake
14. Jabberwocky * by Lewis Carroll
15. To A Butterfly * by William Wordsworth

What does poetry bring up for you?
Have you written down your favorite poems yet?
Send me an email with your 3 favorite poems at:
Until next time… Make each day count!
Be Poetic,