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12 Reasons To Look For More Meaningful Work

August 27, 2009

Over the years I’ve had a few lousy jobs & not because of the co-workers or clients. This was largely due to the fact that many Supervisors, Managers and Bosses do not know how to treat the very staff they hire. Communication lines between what Management want and what they said or how they said it were in complete opposition to the results they wanted. This got me thinking about what makes a job (No matter how great the pay) NOT worth it to stay.

So….here’s my 2 cents on reasons to look for another job

1. Non-existent open communication with Boss
2. Non-existent open communication with Co-workers
3. “Having fun at work” is a foreign concept to all
4. Complete and utter dread going into work each day
5. This “rough period” has turned into months, years or DECADES (Yikes!!!)
6. Yelling at employee’s is considered “Standard Operating Procedures”
7. No room for ANY creative ideas or input from staff
8. Meetings are a joke…No agenda except the “hidden” one that becomes the fear for all staff members
9. “Please speak openly and we’ll listen to your ideas about changes” is code word for “Spill the beans on what is REALLY going on in your department/area; we won’t do anything, but we just want to know”
10. Secrets, secrets and more secrets from Management
11. Your immediate Supervisor or Boss uses words like: Insubordination, Authority, Letter of Insubordination going into Your file… (Start looking immediately for other job)
12. My personal favorite… “We have decided to change a few of your job roles to give you more of a growing edge…” Code word for “You have MORE work to do now with the same amount of pay & twice the amount of problems and this is not up for discussion!”

What limits will you set?

How can you create more meaning to your career?

Until next time… Make each day count!

Be Alert,