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14 Ways To Include Laughter Into Your Day

August 9, 2009

I have found that when life situations seem to be crushing down upon me that that’s when I REALLY need to inject some humor into my life. Humor creates a relief for your whole body; your brain, your brows, your face, your shoulders, your voice and most importantly your heart. When you laugh you trigger the happiness chemicals to naturally flow through your system. Make sure you stock up on the things in your life that cause you to explode into gales of laughter.

So….here’s my 2 cents on ways to include laughter into your day.

1. Listen to a baby laugh and giggle
2. Listen to a toddler laugh and giggle
3. Observe your pet doing something adorably funny
4. Logon to this Blog and view Cute Things Laughing HERE
5. Blow up 5 balloons by your own wind power… after the third one it’s really hard Not to laugh
6. Let the air out slowly to make some balloon music… too funny
7. Pop some bubble wrap…Come on, just do it!
8. Try out a laughter Yoga class… refreshing and invigorating I’m told (on my to-do list)
9. Watch a comedy DVD that just makes you… well laugh!
10. Look at some older photos of yourself as a child and youth…those clothes, that hair! (Was that really the style back then?)
11. Blow some bubbles … bubble gum… a child’s bottle of bubbles… sink full of suds and gather and blow into the air
12. Hang out with some friends who have a great sense of humor
13. Laugh at your own mistakes in the day
14. Dedicate a week of not watching or listening to more than 15 minutes of news…Makes me happier doing this…really!

What makes you laugh?

How have you spent your day?

Until next time… Make each day count!

Be laughing,