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5 Myths That Keep You Shut Down

August 13, 2009

This past year has shaken many people to their very core. The myths that they were told into adulthood came crashing down around them. This caused a lot of people to re-evaluate their values, beliefs and their moral systems. A strong feeling of deception has been brewing among the young, middle aged and older generations alike. What they were told growing up is no longer working. I’m not being all doom and gloom; I’m just stating what the common strong feeling is at this time…DECEPTION.

So….here’s my 2 cents on 5 myths that keep you shut down.

1. You Are Defined By Your Job/Career
What a load of crap! You are defined by what Actions You Take in this world. Jobs and careers come and go; jobs get downsized, you can get fired, you can quite or the company can just go broke. But you my friend, always have you and you always have choices that lead to actions. Doing nothing is an action, a non-action. Get back into the game and be defined by something you CAN control – YOUR ACTIONS.

2. Money & Status Brings Happiness
Money does not buy happiness! Money can buy happy – a short term feeling that comes and goes. Happiness comes from the inside out…NOT the outside in. When you believe that money and things buy you happiness; you are dependent on outside factors to make You Feel Something. Happiness is a choice you make personally…really. If you decide you want to have happiness today; then just do it. No one can deter you from this state of being but you.

3. Having The Best… Just To Keep Up
The very idea of trying to keep up with: the neighbors, your friends, your family or you’re the THEY’S is ridiculous. This way of thinking puts you on the treadmill of life; I have to work long hours to buy the bigger house, I have to have the bigger TV, I have to go on the best vacation… on and on this goes. To who’s idea of The Best are you living up to, your own? When the idea of inner satisfaction is higher on the WANT scale then you are in your own head; you will do things for your own well being and Not for the sake of keeping up with everyone else.

4. The Career choice You chose At 18 Or 22 Is It For Life
What!??? Are you telling me that at this young age, you know who you really were? (Okay, so Scott Ginsberg is the exception). Most people at that age don’t have a clue to what they Really want out of life yet, I didn’t. Finding your true work passion usually starts to nudge you in your mid 30’s; and if completely ignored will SHOVE you to Full Alert status in you 40’s. This is the time when you begin to ask such questions as: Who the hell am I? Why did I choose this career again? Is this all there is to life? This is the time that you need to take for You by Yourself and ask the real honest questions about what makes you unique. What gifts can you share with others? What talents do you have that you enjoy doing for hours if you could?

5. Life Is Meant To Be A Struggle
Utter nonsense! Life is meant to be enjoyed! When you have uncovered and found the true You, life is flowing and abundant. When life feels like a struggle, you are pleasing someone else’s idea of what you Should Do. Be brave and take the time to go within and meet your true self for the first time. You cannot live the life of peace and happiness if you are pretending to be someone else. When you get real and honest with yourself… all else falls away and You show up. Believe that you are worth getting to know and life will stop being a struggle.

What myths are you willing to shatter?
Have you spent time with your TRUE Self today?
Until next time… Make each day count!