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20 Ways To De-Stress And Enjoy Life

August 3, 2009

Summer is the perfect time to enjoy the simple pleasures of life. To smell the flowers, kick back, let your hair down and just be. This is also the time to re-evaluate your life and check-in to see where you need to de-stress.

So….here’s my 2 cents on ways to de-stress.

1. Watch a sunrise and enjoy the beautiful colors of life beginning
2. Have your morning coffee or tea outside on your patio
3. Forego the morning news for one week (you can do it… really)
4. Meditate… deep breathe in….deep breathe out
5. Enjoy a book or book-on -tape for your morning commute
6. Walk an extra block to work in the cool fresh air
7. Pass on the office gossip
8. Pass on the negative office talk as well
9. Take regular breaks from long periods of sitting and engage in another office task
10. Take regular breaks for a break
11. Take the stairs at lunch time
12. Enjoy the greenery and go for a nice lunch walk
13. Read a book in the park or bench or table or grass
14. Drink plenty of water… really does work to calm the body
15. Leave the office duties and work at the office
16. Smile a big smile the last 5 minutes of your commute before arriving at home (Makes you feel happy)
17. Greet children, spouse and pets with a big “Hi, I’m glad to be home!” And really mean it!
18. Enjoy a family dinner at the table, together and asking everyone to share “what one thing made you smile today”
19. Sit outside for 15 minutes before going to bed (more fresh air)
20. End your day by writing down 4 things that you are grateful for this day

What de-stressors do you do now?

Have you created a routine to de-stress yet?

Until next time… Make each day count!

Be joyful,