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Hey…Did You Hear….!

January 18, 2011

This past week there has been much buzz about “a new 13th Astrological sign” that may or may not change your astrological birth sign as well as to include a “new” one. My first reaction to this “article” that I read was Bull Shit…then I checked in to MY OWN INTUITION and sat with this new info to see what I felt & to see if it resonated with me. It did not and I brushed it off as mild annoyance and saw this as a distraction & misinformation just for the sake of misinformation.

Little did I know that many people would put soooo much of their own energy into this piece of false news and have a strong reaction…from frustration to a complete melt down stating “now I have to change my tattoo & get a new one” and a lot of complaining was happening to fuel this misinformation.
WOW…I am shocked and discouraged that so many people would be taken in by such a small piece of life really (Look at the big picture of life…so what!)

This got me thinking that people are really NOT tapping into their Own Intuition as they would like to think. This reminds me of that most annoying (…But true) saying that my mom used to say to me “If everyone jumped off a bridge, would you?” Let’s just say there would be a lot of hurt or dead people this past week if this did happened….Sad but true. If you are still reading this and are really pissed off at me…GOOD. Now that I have your attention….Listen To Your Own Gut (Intuition…inner-guidance…Higher-Self…Angels…Guides…whatever you call it)
I have been writing about finding & using your own Intuition for a while now and am saddened that many people are still not getting it…Only You know the Truth…Stop following the masses and become your own guide.

Here is what Intuition means to me…Again…if it doesn’t ring true to You…than don’t use it and do what is best for YOU.

From the Latin word intuito meaning, the act of contemplating & From the Latin word intueri meaning to look at, contemplate, from in- + tueri to look at.
Put this all together and it means: To contemplate and look at from within.

What Intuition means to ME:
1. My Gut feeling
2. My Spidy senses
3. A Hunch
4. A Whisper
5. My Inner Wisdom
6. My Guardian Angel
7. My Inner Knowing
8. A Deep Knowing
9. My Inner Being Whispering To Me
10. My Soul Speaking To Me

Who are you listening to?
Can you Hear your own Intuition?

Until next time… Make each day count!

Be Inner-directed & Intuitive ALWAYS,