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Ask, Allow, Answer & Action

November 11, 2009

Land of Possibilities

I’ve been giving a lot of thought to this process of asking for what I want. You know…the law of attraction & how this law is & has been operating in my life more recently. I’ve had a recent experience of asking for help in a specific area of my life & I have just discovered to my amazement (I still find this law amazing…) I have been given an answer…just not in the way I thought it would come.

So… here’s my 2 cents on how to ask, allow, answer & action

1. Become clear in what you do want in your life
2. Ask for this in the affirmative
3. Ask for this as if you were a 2 year old…just believe that you ARE going to get it
4. Let go of the How; this is not ours to figure out
5. Let go of any fear… fear of not getting this, fear of limitation…
6. Give Thanks to source
7. Keep in the Faith mode…keep believing this IS working in your favor
8. Move into action…This become the power, the intention & the drive that links this into the energetic field of NOW
9. Be on the lookout for signs & opportunities that come your way…this may be the very path that leads to your desire…
10. Hold the intention firmly in your mind…”this is on its way, this is on its way”…
11. Become open minded about the opportunities that arrive your way
12. Allow the unknown to Become known to you…
13. Create a place for the New to come in your life…
14. Become an active participant in manifesting your own dreams & desires by continuing to Ask for new opportunities

What surprises have shown up for you lately?

How have you surrendered your expectations?

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Until next time… Make each day count!

Be Allowing,