5 Myths That Keep You Shut Down

Posted November 13, 2011 by Nicole Rousselle
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November has just begun and yet it feels like it has been a long month already. Changes are prevalent and are World Wide now…the only constant being that there Is Change.
With the economy seeming to be in the toilet everywhere, there is fear & unease about job security and just being able to meet the basics of life. Yet the very nature of the HuMan Spirit is to Triumph in the face of adversity & Overcome many obstacles, because this is what it means to Live.  As we remember who we truly are, we help others around us remember who they are too.

I am reposting a very timely blog post from 2010 that speaks to the very nature of shining the Light of Truth on the myths that are to keep us in darkness…to keep us shut down and in pain.

Be in the Light of Truth and Know that you are so much More than these
myths…so much more. Blessings to All.

This past year has shaken many people to their very core. The myths that they were told into adulthood came crashing down around them. This caused a lot of people to re-evaluate their values, beliefs and their moral systems. A strong feeling of deception has been brewing among the young, middle aged and older generations alike. What they were told growing up is no longer working. I’m not being all doom and gloom; I’m just stating what the common strong feeling is at this time…DECEPTION.

So….here’s my 2 cents on 5 myths that keep you shut down.

1. You Are Defined By Your Job/Career
What a load of crap! You are defined by what Actions You Take in this world. Jobs and careers come and go; jobs get downsized, you can get fired, you can quite or the company can just go broke. But you my friend, always have you and you always have choices that lead to actions. Doing nothing is an action, a non-action. Get back into the game and be defined by something you CAN control – YOUR ACTIONS.

2. Money & Status Brings Happiness
Money does not buy happiness! Money can buy happy – a short term feeling that comes and goes. Happiness comes from the inside out…NOT the outside in. When you believe that money and things buy you happiness; you are dependent on outside factors to make You Feel Something. Happiness is a choice you make personally…really. If you decide you want to have happiness today; then just do it. No one can deter you from this state of being but you.

3. Having The Best… Just To Keep Up
The very idea of trying to keep up with: the neighbors, your friends, your family or you’re the THEY’S is ridiculous. This way of thinking puts you on the treadmill of life; I have to work long hours to buy the bigger house, I have to have the bigger TV, I have to go on the best vacation… on and on this goes. To who’s idea of The Best are you living up to, your own? When the idea of inner satisfaction is higher on the WANT scale then you are in your own head; you will do things for your own well being and Not for the sake of keeping up with everyone else.

4. The Career choice You chose At 18 Or 22 Is It For Life
What!??? Are you telling me that at this young age, you know who you really were? (Okay, so Scott Ginsberg is the exception). Most people at that age don’t have a clue to what they Really want out of life yet, I didn’t. Finding your true work passion usually starts to nudge you in your mid 30’s; and if completely ignored will SHOVE you to Full Alert status in you 40’s. This is the time when you begin to ask such questions as: Who the hell am I? Why did I choose this career again? Is this all there is to life? This is the time that you need to take for You by Yourself and ask the real honest questions about what makes you unique. What gifts can you share with others? What talents do you have that you enjoy doing for hours if you could?

5. Life Is Meant To Be A Struggle
Utter nonsense! Life is meant to be enjoyed! When you have uncovered and found the true You, life is flowing and abundant. When life feels like a struggle, you are pleasing someone else’s idea of what you Should Do. Be brave and take the time to go within and meet your true self for the first time. You cannot live the life of peace and happiness if you are pretending to be someone else. When you get real and honest with yourself… all else falls away and You show up. Believe that you are worth getting to know and life will stop being a struggle.

What myths are you willing to shatter?
Have you spent time with your TRUE Self today?
Until next time… Make each day count!


Creating A New Way Of Life

Posted October 24, 2011 by Nicole Rousselle
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Has the world gone crazy OR has the world just woken up & realizing what’s going on???

My belief is that there are enough people around the globe who have Simply Had Enough!
Enough of the Corruption from the very Governments who are supposed to protect them. Enough of the Lies their Leaders have told them. Enough of the Money Scams being played out in plain sight – Governments bailing out Big Corporations & Banks only to have these very same Corporations payout Huge bonuses to the top executives, lay off 100’s or 1000’s of workers & Raise interest rates and service fees against the very same people whose taxes went into these bailouts.

I could go on & on about what’s wrong in the world right now…each case being more & more dismal then the last…but I refuse to write about such doom & gloom…I see the Spark that has Light A Huge Flame in the Hearts of People all over the Globe. The very reasons for Occupy Peaceful Protests around the Globe are as wide and varied as the very people who are participating in them. The One uniting factor for those who are called to join their voices to the Occupy movements is this…The current system Is Not Working & it is Time for Change.

So… here’s my 2 cents on the creating a new way of life.

Instead of fixing a very broken & non-working system…Lets Create A New Way Of Life.

1. Create a new way of life…Share services and goods with friends, neighbors & communities by opting out of paying with money…exchanging of services/goods for other services/goods
2. Create a new way of life…Live to LIVE…dump the consumerism mentality that has forced many into debt by “needing the very latest gadget to hit the market”…Be happier with less “stuff”
3. Create a new way of life…Work in jobs less & Meditate more…quieting the Mind Creates More Good
4. Create a new way of life…Be Authentically You; share your True self with other free from judgment & ridicule
5. Create a new way of life…Love each other Unconditionally & wish for others to Be Well Always

Let’s Create a New Way of Life…Together

Until next time… Make each day count!

Be Loving,

The Forgotten Ones

Posted October 5, 2011 by Nicole Rousselle
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This has been an incredibly tough week for me personally…Emotions came bursting to the surface last Friday and I’ve been on a rollercoaster ride of Emotions ever since. Now, having worked on my emotional naming, clearing and releasing for over 12 years now, I can easily share my emotions freely with others and not have the need to apologize for tearing up or crying when I need to do so.

This week has been the most Raw that I’ve felt in such a long time…It cut through so deep down. Deep down to the very Core of my being…and then deeper than that at times. Speaking with others, they are also saying this as well…raw emotions just coming forth for them as well.

Just the other day I was given a message to reflect upon…dealing directly with my emotions & past buried emotions. The answer that came up for me was…”I don’t want to be Forgotten Again.” This simple sentence was softly spoken to me from Spirit…Yet this simple sentence made me double over in such deep, deep pain…I knew this was Truth. I didn’t want to be Forgotten…again. Then, I thought about how much we are all alike and share in the most basic needs & emotions…this is a Universal Hurt when we are Forgotten.

So… here’s my 2 cents on the forgotten ones.

1. Forgotten = Gone from memory
2. Forgotten = Easily ignored
3. Forgotten = Not memorable enough
4. Forgotten = Disappeared from existence
5. To be Forgotten is an incredibly hurtful feeling
6. To be Forgotten is a very isolating feeling
7. To be Forgotten makes one doubt their Self-Worth
8. To be Forgotten makes you feel so small and vulnerable
9. When we are Forgotten…we are devalued
10. When we are Forgotten…we are judged unimportant
11. When we are Forgotten…we are hurt by others ignoring our being
12. When we are Forgotten…we Hurt Deeply
13. Choosing to step out of the Pain…We Claim our Own Self-Worth
14. Choosing to step out of the Hurt…We Claim our Power
15. Choosing to step out of the Isolation…We Claim our own Attention
16. Choosing to step out of the Forgotten place…We Claim our Sovereign Rights Once More!

Claim your Power.
Claim your Sovereignty.

Until next time… Make each day count!

Be Remembered Once Again,

Rocks In My Pockets

Posted September 16, 2011 by Nicole Rousselle
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I have loved collecting Rocks ever since I was a young girl…I enjoyed finding the stray ones, digging them up from the dirt and taking a rock that was ordinary looking on the outside & cracking it open to find such a beautiful rock on the inside. I drove my mother nuts by have a Large pail ofrocks (all carefully washed & dried)
under my bed…even after my mother said that I had the leave the rocks outside…I loved my Rocks. Then fast forward to my teens…not much more than a passing glance at Rocks…friends & music took over my life & Rocks were forgotten. It wasn’t until I had children that the love of Rocks came back to me…first as a parent watching my kids pick up & discover the mysteries of Rocks…the hidden treasure these Rocks contained. Then I became annoyed with these very Rocks that my kids were collecting…told them the Rocks had to be outside.  Fast forward again to taking communication classes that focus on identifying FEELINGS…How to tap intoyour wide range of emotions by expressing verbally how you are feeling…using more feeling words than fine, okay, good, great…Really tapping into Feelings. This is when my Love for Rocks began again…this time my Love included Crystals too.

So now, I usually have a few Rocks or Crystals with me…everywhere I go.  I usually carry a few Rocks or Crystals within my pockets…it’s a good way to have the wonderful energy & healing benefits of these stones with me always. So I now say I have Rocks in my pockets with a smile on my face…it is Who I Am Now!

So… here’s my 2 cents on rocks in my pockets.

  1. There is no wrong way to learn about Rocks & Crystals…just learn
  2. There is no Best Rock or Best Crystal to have…they are all great in their own way
  3. There are many places to buy Rocks & Crystals now…ask around & you’ll get a few places to start
  4. Once you’ve found a place that sells Rocks & Crystals…let your intuition guide you to the stones that are right for you at
    this moment
  5. Let your eyes wonder over the selection of stones & see what calls out to you…Rocks talk…you just have to be quiet to
    hear them
  6. See what these stones feel like in your hand…place 1 stone at a time & just feel the stone resting in your hand
  7. What stone jumps out at you…what is your first reaction to that stone…that’s the one to buy
  8. How does this stone look to your eyes…nice color, nice shape, odd shape…may be intriguing you for a purpose
  9. Once you purchase your stones…bring them home & wash with running water…(check to make sure is not dissolve in water)
  10. Find a nice place to display your new Rocks
  11. Spend time holding your new Rocks & getting to know them
  12. Consider placing a Rock or two in your pocket each day…get to know their energy…let them know You

What Rocks have you looked at lately?

Have you placed a Rock in your pocket yet?

Until next time… Make each day count!

Be You,


Antenna Up And Listening

Posted August 31, 2011 by Nicole Rousselle
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This week I’m reposting a blog from April of last year. What a difference just over one year can make. I now know what it is that I am to do on many different levels and am doing so Heart & Soul…with grateful acknowledgements from the Many friends & Soul family that have come into my life when I allowed myself to be more authentic with people…when I allowed a more honest & closer connection with people. They have reflected the very ideas I was so intent on finding on my own…the Who I was supposed to be…this was reflected back at me in the deeper Heart relationships that I allowed to happen. So, now I know who I truly am & what I am meant to do for me, for others & for Creator. I am reposting this blog post to help nudge & guide others to remember who they really are.


Have you ever had the feeling that there was a “THING” you’re supposed to do…but have no clear picture of what that THING is…It’s just a feeling at this point. Well…that’s been what I’ve been dealing with for awhile now….and it’s got me quite annoyed. This got me thinking about How I’m going to find out what this THING is. What I’ve discovered is the information that I seek will reveal its self to me when I Ready Listen Whole Heartedly.

So… here’s my 2 cents on antenna up and listening.

To Begin:

1. Be open to new information that Just comes to you
2. Be open to receiving feedback on skill-sets from friends & family
3. Be open to Ask for help in discovering your talents & skill-sets

Then Do:

4. Act on the hunch that you need to talk to a specific person for information
5. Act on the nudge that NOW is the time to call a friend you haven’t spoken to for a while
6. Act on the inspiration to take that new class/workshop that has recently interested you

Go Within:

7. Seek the advice from your Inner Self
8. Seek the answers from your Soul
9. Seek the Truth from your HEART

What questions do you need to listen for?

Are you willing to listen?

Until next time… Make each day count!

Be Open,

What Would Happen If We Just Walked Away

Posted August 10, 2011 by Nicole Rousselle
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As a Lightworker who is Awake and Aware I’m seeing the gap that is present now in the mindsets of many. The mind set of Us and Them, Good and Evil, Too Much and Not Enough. There is no Us and Them…this is the Illusion that has been created to keep us thinking in small and limited ways. Separation is impossible as Everything is connected; Air, Earth, Water & Life are all interconnected to each other. There can be no Separation because everything is made from Energy…therefore Energy = Connection = Life = Humanity.

Having this understanding and seeing the larger picture, step it down to now see the world as it is right now….Humanity has been told for so long that We must take from one another to ensure We get Enough because there is Lack. (this includes wars, natural resources, food, land, animals, and possessions) This is the Very Lie that We have been born into for so long now…that We accept this to be truth…It Is Not!
We Are All Connected…what happens to one of us….affects us all.

What would happen if today We decided we’ve had enough of the slave system & simply protested by not showing up for our crap jobs, not showing up for the dead end, mind numbing, useless & intolerable jobs that we keep bitching about.
What Would The World Look Like if Everyone just started to Do what they Absolutely LOVE to Do…without money ever exchanging hands…being COMPLETELY Compensated by Others Doing what they really LOVE to Do.  ~ Just Take the Money OUT of the Equation ~
What Would That World Look Like?!?

So… here’s my 2 cents on what would happen if we just walked away.

1. What if…Others who also had enough joined you & helped you to create this idea
2. What if…This became a neighborhood movement & a new way of life for all in it
3. What if…People started to Become more happy & loving beings…all the time
4. What if…This was the very idea that sparked Real Lasting Change in your city
5. What if…Everyone started to really care for each other & give freely just Because
6. What if…This is the way it was supposed to be; Sharing & Caring for all…no matter what
7. What if…This idea Helps Unite Countries by focusing on the Sameness of All
8. What if…This was the very idea that sparked a Global Lasting Change
9. What if…This is the very idea that Bring in World Peace
10. What if…This Really Worked!

What’s stopping you from changing the world?

Have wondered What If lately?

Until next time… Make each day count!

Be Different,

Letting It All Hang out

Posted May 6, 2011 by Nicole Rousselle
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Wow…ok and Big WOW is in order for all the changes that have occurred to both in and around the globe as well as in my personal life changes.
I am going through similar changes as is happening with Mother Gaia. We are all connected and we are very connected with Mother Earth, it is that we have been taught to look at Mother Earth as separate and apart from us…to only view Mother Earth as a thing we can control and change with out any consequences. This is what has made the planet unbalanced…this is what has made us unbalanced.

So… here’s my 2 cents on letting it all hang out.

Mother Gaia has been showing physical signs of being out of balance & re-balancing what she needs to:
** By no means do I mean to minimize the destruction and the great loss of human & animal life; this is only to reframe the disaster qualities and show renewal & growth may came out of such disasters **

1. Earthquakes = Old stagnant energies being released
2. Tsunamis = Washing away what is no longer needed
3. Blizzards = Cooling Energies & Settling Within
4. Hurricanes = Stirring up what has been calm to release needed energies
5. Floods = Abundance of water (emotions & tears) to cleanse & revive the dry parts
6. Heatwaves = Burning away withered & Struggling energies
7. Storms = Stiring up of the air and waters to bring to the surface to be released
8. Tornadoes = Clearing the Air and releasing pent up energies
9. Volcanic Eruptions = Spewing & Venting deep and hidden energies
10. Wildfires = Burning away the old to make way for the new

Mother Gaia has shown all of HuManity where she needs attention and what needs to happen to put Gaia back into Full Balance. I have taken notice that I too have needed to balance & realign my center to promote Healthy Mental Clarity, Heart Centered Values and Spiritual Integrity.

What lessons has Mother Gaia taught you recently?

How can you realign & straighten your future course of action?

Until next time… Make each day count!

Be Healing,