Clearing & Releasing & Revealing What Truly Is

This week has had a very significant meaning for me…getting clear and clearing out what is no longer needed Or wanted any longer. The Deep Down Clearing out of any old bits of past pains, hurts and subtle yet significant trauma to the soul. This Deep Clearing was so intense and powerful it shook my body into a state of constant healing…Healing that was so much needed for me at this point of my life.

At times I felt as if I was in complete body exhaustion and wanted to just sleep the entire healing process away, yet, even in sleep I was healing on many different levels & layers & even realms. So entirely Huge was this healing process that words do little to express how huge of an effect this has had on me so far.
I know there is still more to come as I am in the process of the fine-tuning the healing within and throughout now. Now I choose to live in my newly cleansed Body & Soul as never before…reclaiming the spaces that were once filled with karmic dust that was no longer who I Am…I Claim this Body/Soul as Mine to Cherish & Hold in High Healing Love & Divinity for Evermore.

So… here’s my 2 cents on clearing & releasing & revealing what truly is.

As stated earlier, that this past week cannot be put into words to express how very profoundly this experience has change the very Who I Am, So I am posting a song with lyrics put together with such an upbeat rhythm.

Until next time… Make each day count!

Be Light Beings,

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