When Breaking Down Leads To A BreakThrough

Looking back through the year…there has been many, many changes. Last year at this time…I was at the beginning stages of my Breakdown; A BreakDown to get to my BreakThrough. I honestly fought this deep, deep lonely feeling until I could fight it no longer…As I laid in a pile of soiled tissues, chest heaving to that way down deep pain…pain & cries of the most primordial cry that we can produce.

My world disappeared before my eyes…the world where I knew who I was…what I was supposed to be doing…and how I fit into this world. Everything that I knew to be true…was yanked out from beneath my feet. Everything that I thought I had learned in the last 11 years, was coming to face me during this stripped away time…every lesson I went through came back to visit me, to see if I truly understood & got the lessons…got the lessons & could apply these lessons at a time when I was in my spiritually raw moments…when the masks were stripped off & the real, unpolished Me was just left to deal with these lessons.
My heart cried the tears that had been forgotten about so many years ago…my soul cracked open to let out the dark trapped feelings of fear…fear of being less than enough.

With the help of the Creator, my Guides, my friends and my soul family…I borrowed their strength to help me raise up once again…dust myself off and go through this Storm…the Storm of facing who I was & who I wasn’t…it was my Dark Night of The Soul. (This Dark Night… lasted for me about 4 months, not 1 night)

Going through this very troubling time has given me so many gifts that I would not have had without going through this dark & very tough period of time…It has given me…ME, who I am.

So… here’s my 2 cents on when breaking down leads to a break through.

1. BreakDown = Breaking Down All Defenses
2. BreakDown = Breaking Down All Old Patterns
3. BreakDown = Breaking Down All Blocks to Authentic Self
4. BreakDown = Breaking Down All that is no longer Serving your Higher Self
5. BreakThrough = Knowing Who you Are
6. BreakThrough = Knowing What your Soul is Here to Do
7. BreakThrough = Learning to Love All of Yourself
8. BreakThrough = Learning to Accept your past & Acknowledging great learning from your past
9. BreakThrough = Knowing You are Strong enough to go through Anything
10. BreakThrough = Fully Opening your Heart & Soul…to Love Greater than you have ever done before

May your BreakDown lead to your BreakThrough with Divine Grace…that leads to your Heart and Soul Opening.

Until next time… Make each day count!

Be of Heart & Soul,

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