Humbleness & Childlike & Gratitude

These past few weeks have brought back many lessons to me in reflection…to see if I have remembered the learning from these lessons. Some lessons were remembered very well and I handled myself in a respectful & mature manner. Others….(Sigh!) still learning these lessons and have more work to do in these areas. The lessons that I thought I had learned so well last time…really humbled me this time, I got the full impact of how this lesson affects others around me when I’m not in my integrity & staying with my learned lessons. It is within the Humbleness & Gratitude that I received the learning once again…this time deeper learning took place.

I am reposting a blog from July 2010 on Humbleness and Childlike and Gratitude.

Humbleness & Childlike & Gratitude

There has been much discussion on how to tap into Source (Spirit, Creator, God, Goddess…)to receive Energy, Spiritual Enlightenment & our unique Gifts. There was the old and very limiting ways that served their purpose for many years; by studying many years with a Sage, Wise One or Spiritual Teacher, spending many, many hours in devote meditations for years and in servitude to your Teacher to show your worthiness This idea of obtaining Spiritual Enlightenment has changed very little for many years…until recently! Recently (last 10 – 5 years) there has been an Energetic Shift in the Mass Consciousness…This Shift has tested & in many cases broken the old ways of obtaining Spiritual Enlightenment. The Shift has caused many to ask the deep inner questions & by doing so have looked within…rather than to Others to find these answers. How, you may ask do they receive the knowledge they are seeking & find Spiritual Enlightenment. Stay open, humble & childlike.

So… here’s my 2 cents on staying humble, childlike & in gratitude.

1. Humbleness is: Knowing that Source is the Healer, Teacher, Writer, Painter…
2. Humbleness is: Becoming the Vessel for Source to channel the healing, teaching, writing, paining Through us
3. Humbleness is: Letting Go of your EGO and letting Source IN
4. Humbleness is: Remembering we are ALL the Great I AM…We care All ONE
5. Childlike is: Staying in a Pure state of Wonder
6. Childlike is: Being Open to Receive information, however it comes to YOU
7. Childlike is: Knowing that we sometimes (most times) do not know & this is alright
8. Childlike is: Staying Curious and having FUN along the Road of Discovery & Learning
9. Gratitude is: Acknowledging the Gifts you Receive
10. Gratitude is: Using the Gifts you receive for the highest good of all (Not controlling others or making yourself “better” than others)
11. Gratitude is: Sharing your Gifts with Others
12. Gratitude is: Saying Thank You to Source and Sharing with others

What Gifts have you shared recently?

Have you given thanks to Source lately?

Until next time… Make each day count!
Be Curious,

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