Creating A New Way Of Life

Has the world gone crazy OR has the world just woken up & realizing what’s going on???

My belief is that there are enough people around the globe who have Simply Had Enough!
Enough of the Corruption from the very Governments who are supposed to protect them. Enough of the Lies their Leaders have told them. Enough of the Money Scams being played out in plain sight – Governments bailing out Big Corporations & Banks only to have these very same Corporations payout Huge bonuses to the top executives, lay off 100’s or 1000’s of workers & Raise interest rates and service fees against the very same people whose taxes went into these bailouts.

I could go on & on about what’s wrong in the world right now…each case being more & more dismal then the last…but I refuse to write about such doom & gloom…I see the Spark that has Light A Huge Flame in the Hearts of People all over the Globe. The very reasons for Occupy Peaceful Protests around the Globe are as wide and varied as the very people who are participating in them. The One uniting factor for those who are called to join their voices to the Occupy movements is this…The current system Is Not Working & it is Time for Change.

So… here’s my 2 cents on the creating a new way of life.

Instead of fixing a very broken & non-working system…Lets Create A New Way Of Life.

1. Create a new way of life…Share services and goods with friends, neighbors & communities by opting out of paying with money…exchanging of services/goods for other services/goods
2. Create a new way of life…Live to LIVE…dump the consumerism mentality that has forced many into debt by “needing the very latest gadget to hit the market”…Be happier with less “stuff”
3. Create a new way of life…Work in jobs less & Meditate more…quieting the Mind Creates More Good
4. Create a new way of life…Be Authentically You; share your True self with other free from judgment & ridicule
5. Create a new way of life…Love each other Unconditionally & wish for others to Be Well Always

Let’s Create a New Way of Life…Together

Until next time… Make each day count!

Be Loving,

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