The Forgotten Ones

This has been an incredibly tough week for me personally…Emotions came bursting to the surface last Friday and I’ve been on a rollercoaster ride of Emotions ever since. Now, having worked on my emotional naming, clearing and releasing for over 12 years now, I can easily share my emotions freely with others and not have the need to apologize for tearing up or crying when I need to do so.

This week has been the most Raw that I’ve felt in such a long time…It cut through so deep down. Deep down to the very Core of my being…and then deeper than that at times. Speaking with others, they are also saying this as well…raw emotions just coming forth for them as well.

Just the other day I was given a message to reflect upon…dealing directly with my emotions & past buried emotions. The answer that came up for me was…”I don’t want to be Forgotten Again.” This simple sentence was softly spoken to me from Spirit…Yet this simple sentence made me double over in such deep, deep pain…I knew this was Truth. I didn’t want to be Forgotten…again. Then, I thought about how much we are all alike and share in the most basic needs & emotions…this is a Universal Hurt when we are Forgotten.

So… here’s my 2 cents on the forgotten ones.

1. Forgotten = Gone from memory
2. Forgotten = Easily ignored
3. Forgotten = Not memorable enough
4. Forgotten = Disappeared from existence
5. To be Forgotten is an incredibly hurtful feeling
6. To be Forgotten is a very isolating feeling
7. To be Forgotten makes one doubt their Self-Worth
8. To be Forgotten makes you feel so small and vulnerable
9. When we are Forgotten…we are devalued
10. When we are Forgotten…we are judged unimportant
11. When we are Forgotten…we are hurt by others ignoring our being
12. When we are Forgotten…we Hurt Deeply
13. Choosing to step out of the Pain…We Claim our Own Self-Worth
14. Choosing to step out of the Hurt…We Claim our Power
15. Choosing to step out of the Isolation…We Claim our own Attention
16. Choosing to step out of the Forgotten place…We Claim our Sovereign Rights Once More!

Claim your Power.
Claim your Sovereignty.

Until next time… Make each day count!

Be Remembered Once Again,

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