Rocks In My Pockets

I have loved collecting Rocks ever since I was a young girl…I enjoyed finding the stray ones, digging them up from the dirt and taking a rock that was ordinary looking on the outside & cracking it open to find such a beautiful rock on the inside. I drove my mother nuts by have a Large pail ofrocks (all carefully washed & dried)
under my bed…even after my mother said that I had the leave the rocks outside…I loved my Rocks. Then fast forward to my teens…not much more than a passing glance at Rocks…friends & music took over my life & Rocks were forgotten. It wasn’t until I had children that the love of Rocks came back to me…first as a parent watching my kids pick up & discover the mysteries of Rocks…the hidden treasure these Rocks contained. Then I became annoyed with these very Rocks that my kids were collecting…told them the Rocks had to be outside.  Fast forward again to taking communication classes that focus on identifying FEELINGS…How to tap intoyour wide range of emotions by expressing verbally how you are feeling…using more feeling words than fine, okay, good, great…Really tapping into Feelings. This is when my Love for Rocks began again…this time my Love included Crystals too.

So now, I usually have a few Rocks or Crystals with me…everywhere I go.  I usually carry a few Rocks or Crystals within my pockets…it’s a good way to have the wonderful energy & healing benefits of these stones with me always. So I now say I have Rocks in my pockets with a smile on my face…it is Who I Am Now!

So… here’s my 2 cents on rocks in my pockets.

  1. There is no wrong way to learn about Rocks & Crystals…just learn
  2. There is no Best Rock or Best Crystal to have…they are all great in their own way
  3. There are many places to buy Rocks & Crystals now…ask around & you’ll get a few places to start
  4. Once you’ve found a place that sells Rocks & Crystals…let your intuition guide you to the stones that are right for you at
    this moment
  5. Let your eyes wonder over the selection of stones & see what calls out to you…Rocks talk…you just have to be quiet to
    hear them
  6. See what these stones feel like in your hand…place 1 stone at a time & just feel the stone resting in your hand
  7. What stone jumps out at you…what is your first reaction to that stone…that’s the one to buy
  8. How does this stone look to your eyes…nice color, nice shape, odd shape…may be intriguing you for a purpose
  9. Once you purchase your stones…bring them home & wash with running water…(check to make sure is not dissolve in water)
  10. Find a nice place to display your new Rocks
  11. Spend time holding your new Rocks & getting to know them
  12. Consider placing a Rock or two in your pocket each day…get to know their energy…let them know You

What Rocks have you looked at lately?

Have you placed a Rock in your pocket yet?

Until next time… Make each day count!

Be You,


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