Antenna Up And Listening

This week I’m reposting a blog from April of last year. What a difference just over one year can make. I now know what it is that I am to do on many different levels and am doing so Heart & Soul…with grateful acknowledgements from the Many friends & Soul family that have come into my life when I allowed myself to be more authentic with people…when I allowed a more honest & closer connection with people. They have reflected the very ideas I was so intent on finding on my own…the Who I was supposed to be…this was reflected back at me in the deeper Heart relationships that I allowed to happen. So, now I know who I truly am & what I am meant to do for me, for others & for Creator. I am reposting this blog post to help nudge & guide others to remember who they really are.


Have you ever had the feeling that there was a “THING” you’re supposed to do…but have no clear picture of what that THING is…It’s just a feeling at this point. Well…that’s been what I’ve been dealing with for awhile now….and it’s got me quite annoyed. This got me thinking about How I’m going to find out what this THING is. What I’ve discovered is the information that I seek will reveal its self to me when I Ready Listen Whole Heartedly.

So… here’s my 2 cents on antenna up and listening.

To Begin:

1. Be open to new information that Just comes to you
2. Be open to receiving feedback on skill-sets from friends & family
3. Be open to Ask for help in discovering your talents & skill-sets

Then Do:

4. Act on the hunch that you need to talk to a specific person for information
5. Act on the nudge that NOW is the time to call a friend you haven’t spoken to for a while
6. Act on the inspiration to take that new class/workshop that has recently interested you

Go Within:

7. Seek the advice from your Inner Self
8. Seek the answers from your Soul
9. Seek the Truth from your HEART

What questions do you need to listen for?

Are you willing to listen?

Until next time… Make each day count!

Be Open,

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2 Comments on “Antenna Up And Listening”

  1. DO North Says:

    Great post. Often people ask “but how do I know it’s my truth, my inner wisdom”. When it brings you a sense of peace or even relief, then you know it’s your inner truth speaking.

  2. Nicole Rousselle Says:

    Thank you Do North!
    Your Inner Wisdom is the personal work that each of us are here to bring into this reality 🙂

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