What Would Happen If We Just Walked Away

As a Lightworker who is Awake and Aware I’m seeing the gap that is present now in the mindsets of many. The mind set of Us and Them, Good and Evil, Too Much and Not Enough. There is no Us and Them…this is the Illusion that has been created to keep us thinking in small and limited ways. Separation is impossible as Everything is connected; Air, Earth, Water & Life are all interconnected to each other. There can be no Separation because everything is made from Energy…therefore Energy = Connection = Life = Humanity.

Having this understanding and seeing the larger picture, step it down to now see the world as it is right now….Humanity has been told for so long that We must take from one another to ensure We get Enough because there is Lack. (this includes wars, natural resources, food, land, animals, and possessions) This is the Very Lie that We have been born into for so long now…that We accept this to be truth…It Is Not!
We Are All Connected…what happens to one of us….affects us all.

What would happen if today We decided we’ve had enough of the slave system & simply protested by not showing up for our crap jobs, not showing up for the dead end, mind numbing, useless & intolerable jobs that we keep bitching about.
What Would The World Look Like if Everyone just started to Do what they Absolutely LOVE to Do…without money ever exchanging hands…being COMPLETELY Compensated by Others Doing what they really LOVE to Do.  ~ Just Take the Money OUT of the Equation ~
What Would That World Look Like?!?

So… here’s my 2 cents on what would happen if we just walked away.

1. What if…Others who also had enough joined you & helped you to create this idea
2. What if…This became a neighborhood movement & a new way of life for all in it
3. What if…People started to Become more happy & loving beings…all the time
4. What if…This was the very idea that sparked Real Lasting Change in your city
5. What if…Everyone started to really care for each other & give freely just Because
6. What if…This is the way it was supposed to be; Sharing & Caring for all…no matter what
7. What if…This idea Helps Unite Countries by focusing on the Sameness of All
8. What if…This was the very idea that sparked a Global Lasting Change
9. What if…This is the very idea that Bring in World Peace
10. What if…This Really Worked!

What’s stopping you from changing the world?

Have wondered What If lately?

Until next time… Make each day count!

Be Different,

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