Letting It All Hang out

Wow…ok and Big WOW is in order for all the changes that have occurred to both in and around the globe as well as in my personal life changes.
I am going through similar changes as is happening with Mother Gaia. We are all connected and we are very connected with Mother Earth, it is that we have been taught to look at Mother Earth as separate and apart from us…to only view Mother Earth as a thing we can control and change with out any consequences. This is what has made the planet unbalanced…this is what has made us unbalanced.

So… here’s my 2 cents on letting it all hang out.

Mother Gaia has been showing physical signs of being out of balance & re-balancing what she needs to:
** By no means do I mean to minimize the destruction and the great loss of human & animal life; this is only to reframe the disaster qualities and show renewal & growth may came out of such disasters **

1. Earthquakes = Old stagnant energies being released
2. Tsunamis = Washing away what is no longer needed
3. Blizzards = Cooling Energies & Settling Within
4. Hurricanes = Stirring up what has been calm to release needed energies
5. Floods = Abundance of water (emotions & tears) to cleanse & revive the dry parts
6. Heatwaves = Burning away withered & Struggling energies
7. Storms = Stiring up of the air and waters to bring to the surface to be released
8. Tornadoes = Clearing the Air and releasing pent up energies
9. Volcanic Eruptions = Spewing & Venting deep and hidden energies
10. Wildfires = Burning away the old to make way for the new

Mother Gaia has shown all of HuManity where she needs attention and what needs to happen to put Gaia back into Full Balance. I have taken notice that I too have needed to balance & realign my center to promote Healthy Mental Clarity, Heart Centered Values and Spiritual Integrity.

What lessons has Mother Gaia taught you recently?

How can you realign & straighten your future course of action?

Until next time… Make each day count!

Be Healing,

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