Awakening To Global Changes

Much earth changes have happened since I last wrote. Changes have occurred on Earth, in Earth and from Earth. The world became aware of the oppression of the Middle East starting with Egypt…many brave young men & women took to the streets armed with Open Hearts and Courage to stand up and let their voices be heard…Freedom from Oppression! Freedom from Dictators! Freedom for All the People!

These brave men & women affected the Globe with their Heartfelt Spirit and Determination to gain their Birth Right Freedoms and they won…their dictator of 30 years stepped down. The Egyptian people showed the World what Is Possible when working together in a peaceful yet determined way…They Demanded Their Freedom. Now many other Middle Eastern countries and Northern Africa people are also uprising and Demanding Their Freedom. The old ways of controlling people are breaking down and what has worked in the past of controlling people with fear, intimidation and violence is the very things that are spurring on Such an Upraise in the people of these countries. USA is also joining in the Freedom through Peaceful Demonstrations in a few states that have openly denied the masses of people their fair rights and this has led to the people Standing Up and Voicing their opinions against the corruption they are witnessing now.

As these events have unfolded one after the other, in a domino effect, this has created a Wave of Peaceful Warrior Energies that has spread Globally…Many people are becoming aware of the injustices that have occurred around them and that they have been covered up until recently. We can learn from these brave men & women…we can stand up with them & let our voices be heard…we can join them in peaceful rallies set up in many cities across the world…we can lend them our voice & spread their messages of Freedom across the internet, emailing friends & starting conversations to awaken even more people, join in active mediations for Peace in these turbulent countries, send your prayers, well wishes and healing energies to support these brave souls.

The point is Do SOMETHING! To simply do nothing, sitting on the sidelines & watch not taking any action is harmful in the most insidious ways possible…you are contributing to the violence & oppression that has been allowed to go on…by choosing to do nothing is actively agreeing with the very harmful & dangerous APATHY that has infected the world over. When you stand for nothing…you will fall for everything.
Stand up! Stand Proud & Let Your Voice Be Heard & Take A Stand For HUMANITY!

What do YOU Stand for?

Until next time… Make each day count!

Be Humanity Directed,

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