Just Relax

Much has happened in my world & the World in general since my last post & I have say that I’ve been knocked over by some very deep & very personal lessons that I needed to re-learn and go though again to fully understand & heal the parts that I just band-aid over. Much pain and deep seated emotions have come up for me and I am now walking through them and can see the light at the end of the tunnel (even if it seems soooo far away…I do see the light) So with that being said I am reposting what I most need to see & hear & feel again. I originally posted this December 10, 2009. Enjoy the read again & take it all in.

With the holiday season in full swing & your holiday celebration can now be counted in days remaining…this may cause panic in the minds & hearts of many. (Okay…I may be talking about me here!) There is a secret to surviving…no, Thriving, during this busy & stressful season. Want to know what it is…ready…Just Relax…Deep Breathe…&Enjoy the Holidays! Ready or not…they are still coming…so why not enjoy them.

So… here’s my 2 cents on how to just relax.

1. Laugh…. A lot… no seriously, just laugh! (releases natural good feeling chemicals in the body)
2. Humor…needed NOW! Watch some lighthearted comedy movies and relax
3. Enjoy a bubble bath
4. Bubble wrap! Yep…you know you want to do it…Go ahead & just pop to your heart’s content (Popity Pop!!!)
5. Take a ME day: put phone away, turn off computer, stay in PJ’s & Lounge…Read…Rest
6. Take a refreshing walk & walk
7. Pamper yourself with some self care by doing something just for you
8. Nurture your soul & take in some beauty (museum tour, a nature walk, visiting a garden…)
9. Did I mention to enjoy a bubble bath?
10. Bake some homemade cookies & enjoy a few
11. A foot soak is a good thing….so soothing…
12. Put some relaxing music on & listen…deep breath in …deep breath out…

Repeat all the above suggestions as needed!

What relaxation tool can you use?

Have you relaxed & chilled out yet?

Until next time… Make each day count!

Be Relaxing,

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