Looking Out For Your Synchronicities In Life

Much has transpired since my last post and I have learned many new lessons as I am walking along my path. One such lesson is that synchronicity shows up for me when I put out the word to the Universe that I Am ready to receive and I Am ready to See this in my life now. There have been a few darker, stormier days that I had to walk through to believe that all would work out in the end. Here is a few lessons that I once again needed some gentle reminders for me to see clearly again.

So… here’s my 2 cents on looking out for your synchronicities in life.

1. Asking for what you need… & then getting it
2. Asking for what you want… & then get it
3. Asking for a sign that you are going in the right direction… & then receiving the sign
4. Allowing to just flow into your life
5. Allowing things to unfold as it will
6. Allowing to simply step aside & let it come as it will come to be
7. Releasing attachment to how You think it should be
8. Releasing Your expectations
9. Releasing all doubt
10. Believing that Spirit has your back
11. Believing that Spirit will answer your call
12. Believing that all will be well

What lessons are you being reminded about again?

Are you listening to Your synchronicities yet?

Until next time… Make each day count!

Be Synchronistic,

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