Stepping Outside The Norm & Into Your Life

Once upon a time you were born…you had Divine Knowledge of what exactly you wanted & needed & you made sure you “talked until heard” to receive these things. This worked for a short period of time in your life & all was pretty darn good. Then you were “trained” to obey someone else’s ideas and had to put aside your instinctual feelings & intuition…This was a very confusing time & you were Not happy. Every one of us has had this experience…no matter what our up brining was or how wonderful our parents were (or weren’t perhaps)…this is our shared experience & this is what were are striving for as we get older & remember this fact…We Do know what it feels like to trust our instincts & to know what we truly want in our lives.

So… here’s my 2 cents on stepping outside the norm and into your life.

1. Your instinct is your Divine Gift…use it
2. Everyone has intuition…Everyone!
3. Everyone can learn how to hear their intuition once again
4. Listening to your instinct is a solo project
5. Creating space for quietness to Hear your instinct is a Must
6. Going within yourself to get your answers is also a Must
7. Learning to trust the messages your feelings are telling you is vital to trusting yourself in all areas of your life
8. Trusting yourself enough to be willing to stand up for your decisions & following through with them
9. Trusting yourself enough to KNOW that you are the Best authority to know what is right for you
10. Understanding that your feelings & your Instinct are one in the same
11. Understanding that your Heart feels the feelings & your Head knows what decision fits best with your feelings
12. Knowing that Heart & Head connection is the most powerful place to live from…this is the place where Divine Wisdom resides.

What has your Heart taught you?

Are you listening to Your instincts yet?

Until next time… Make each day count!

Be Heart-Headed,

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