The Day I Took Magpie, Hare & Crow Medicine

The title of the song “The Times They Are a Changin” was so beautifully sung & was the vibration of the 60’s… Are Back! There is a Spiritual Revelation that is occurring right now. This Spiritual Revelation is more quiet…more organized in an unorganized way & certainly has gone global thanks to the internet. The biggest shift for me has been to go within & develop a healthy sense of Self & to develop a healthy sense of Intuition….my Intuition. These past few weeks have been trying to say the least…more like a test to see if what I say I’ve learnt…I have. This is where I have learned to call upon my guides to help out & to give me a sign that what I’m doing or feeling is correct. This is where I came to receive my animal medicine.

So… here’s my 2 cents on the day I took magpie hare & crow medicine.

Magpie Medicine:
• Be clear in your communication & to really listen to what the other person is saying (and Not saying)
• Be in balance – Ying-Yang /Male-Female / Intellect-Emotions
• Use your Intuition/Psychic gifts with pure intentions & egoless service
• Understand the impact of your voice and your speech upon others, and the impact of other

Hare Medicine:
• Pay more attention to the cycles of the moon & coordinate your efforts/work with the energies
• Unexpected & rapid changes to occur in the coming days
• Use speed, finesse & intelligence is making choices wisely
• Teaches optimism and will not tolerate depression and defeatism

Crow Medicine:
• Pay attention to what you wanted to manifest as it is about to happen now
• Expect a big change very soon
• Your about to speak up on an injustice that you have noticed & will address this issue
• Be willing to walk your talk and speak your truth

Now, having had some time to let theses messages sink in and feel their Truth…I know what I must do. To fully honor my soul, I must go on with it & do my work…the work that I have been learning in Earth School.
It is time for me to get moving & get doing.

What medicine do you need now?

Have you asked for guidance lately?

Until next time… Make each day count!

Be Receptive,

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