What Does Summer Mean To Me

I’ve been enjoying the delicious summer time moments of late & I have to admit that my blog writing has taken a back seat during this time. While I am taking a break from my usual routine, I have been enjoying the moments I have at this time, at this place, now. (I live in Alberta Canada & we have about 2 months of summer…so I’m making the most of this time)  This got me thinking what the summer months really means to me & how I chose to spend my time.

So…… here’s my 2 cents on what does summer mean for you.

For Me:
1. Summer means…waking up to early morning sunshiny days
2. Summer means…waking up to birds singing their beautiful songs
3. Summer means…taking in all the summer light
4. Summer means…puttering around the house & yard on weekends
5. Summer means…relaxing into the day
6. Summer means…letting the day take you where it wants to
7. Summer means…less time inside the house & more in the yard
8. Summer means…more time in nature
9. Summer means…letting go of the business of life
10. Summer means…getting together with friends & just hanging out
11. Summer means…enjoying some quiet days on your own, by yourself & just being
12. Summer means…a time for enjoying the moments, right now, right here
13. Summer means…opening up to the enjoyment of life
14. Summer means…opening up to the possibilities of life
15. Summer means…opening up & letting go of the stagnant & old

What does summer mean to you?

Are you enjoying your summer yet?

Until next time… Make each day count!

Be In the Now,

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