Creating Space For New To Enter

There has been a common theme that many are feeling at this time…that feeling is Change. The very nature of Life is in a constant state of change and so many people know this Intellectually…it is in the Embracing the Reality of this concept that trips the masses up. (me included at times) This very idea got me thinking and reflecting on what it means to embrace change…In simple terms it means to Let Go and Allow the New to Enter into your Life.

So… here’s my 2 cents on creating space for the new to enter.

1. Disorganized home or office creates Disorganization in your thoughts & actions
Clean up your home & office environments & you’ll become more focused in all areas of your life

2. Cluttered Spaces creates a Barrier to allow new to enter into you space
Clear out the physical spaces to allow more room in mental & spiritual spaces as well

3. Holding on to Everything stops the Flow of Energy
Purging, Giving away & Throwing away items that you are no longer using or value helps to Attract More of what you Do Want

4. Piles of paperwork, laundry or unwanted items Limits your Vision
Finding a permanent home for the piles helps Open your Eyes to see the Possibilities & widens your Vision of where you want to go next

5. Cramped living spaces invites Tension to enter the space
Cleaning up the clutter in your home or office creates more Space for breathing and for a more relaxed Peace of Mind

6. Allowing Empty spaces to be found around your home or office Invites Opportunities
Clearing out the old and restoring the order in your home or office allows for more Good and new Opportunities to flow into your home or office

What do you need to clean up in your life?

Have you started to make space yet?

Until next time… Make each day count!

Be Change,

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