The Benefits of Nature

As I discover more & more benefits of truly living within nature & am amazed at the great healing effects of simple and practical everyday things that anyone can do to heal themselves with nature. This can be done in a very simplistic way or researched with many years of study to understand the alchemy of plants, botanicals & essences. The point is that we can all benefit from nature with just a little bit of knowledge.

So… here’s my 2 cents on the benefits of nature.

1. A simple 15 minute walk outside can do wonders for your mental, physical & spiritual health
2. Extend the 15 minutes into 30 minutes and include animal sightings & flower smelling
3. Walking barefoot on fresh grass lightens any dark mood
4. Sitting under s tree & enjoying the dappled sunlight brings about soft sighs of relief
5. Leaning your back against a tree helps to ground you & enjoy the stability of the great mighty trees
6. Laying on the grass, barefoot and outstretched arms with fingers & toes touching the ground is a fantastic way to rid the body of any pent up emotions & releases all the Mother Earth
7. Being around a body of water outside replenishes the soul
8. Being around moving water outside nourishes & restores the soul (fountains & man-made waterfalls count)
9. Taking in the sounds of nature…listening to the birds, bugs & critters just because
10. Sitting outside breathing in the dawn of a new day helps you to remember who you really are
11. Being outside gazing at the stars & breathing in the cooler night air refreshes the mind & spirit
12. Sitting outside and taking in a beautiful sunset helps realign your priorities

What do you do to benefit from nature now?

Have you started to connect with nature this summer?

Until next time… Make each day count!

Be Within Nature,

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