Self Belief Trumps All

Here’s the truth…we have been lied to for years. Are you shocked? Are you awake yet?
The lies that we have been fed is that “We are not enough”. As babies just born, we come into earth with many innate talents & gifts, for this is when we are closest to being pure light & spirit. Babies know when they feel happy & when they are unhappy…no mistaking this. Babies cannot be lied to…they know their truth & will declare this loudly to show you when they are unhappy & happy. Babies know they are enough…just as they are.

So…… here’s my 2 cents on self belief trumps all.

1. Your Beingness is Enough…There is only One YOU
2. You are More than your job…Your Soul has Purpose
3. You are More than your career…You are on a Divine Mission to find your Soul’s Path
4. You are More than your mistakes…You created Lessons to Learn & Evolve
5. You are More than your accomplishments…Your Greatness is from Within
6. You are More than your stuff…You are an Infinite Being
7. You are More than your school marks…Your Heart is a Truer measure of intelligence
8. You are More than your paycheque…Your Heart Center is your True Wealth
9. You Matter
10. You Are ENOUGH

What are you willing to believe about your Being?

Are you willing to believe you Are Enough?

Until next time… Make each day count!

Be Enough,

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3 Comments on “Self Belief Trumps All”

  1. MMM Says:

    What you are really talking about is aculturisation. What lessons we learn just by being born and growing up. And, you are very correct. We pick up a lot of really negative messages.

    Your comment does make one think about the age old nature vs nurture. Because, despite all the negatives we internalize from the external, many of us develop a very strong sense of self, self worth, etc.

    I read another of your posts as well. They really are quite interesting and deal with very important life issues.

  2. MMM Says:

    Hi, By the way, I am impressed with your ability at using WordPress. All these little previews, etc. pop up. I have no idea how to do this. I don’t think anyone gets to my blog unless they are a friend, and I paid them:)

  3. Nicole Rousselle Says:

    Thank you for your kind comments MMM 🙂

    I assure you that if there are pop ups occuring on my blog, This is a what I’d call a happy accident…not sure what I did to get the result.

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