Ask Allow Acknowledge

For the last few weeks…okay, looking back it’s really been the past few years I have been receiving nuggets of information from many people who are dear to me. Most of the time they just say what needs to be said or sharing a new insight with me; little do they know how much their words have impacted my life. The most impactful words were said in a nonchalant way & came about in casual conversation…impactful because they spoke from the Heart & from Spirit. These 3 words have resonated with my very being lately & have encouraged me to live into these words…not just saying or speaking them…Living the Words.

So… here’s my 2 cents on ask, allow, acknowledge


1. To Receive you must first Ask
2. Asking is being in a state of Being Open
3. Asking puts you in a place of Vulnerability
4. Vulnerability is the access point to the HEART & creates Centeredness


5. To Receive you must also Allow and hold a Space to Receive
6. Allowing is being in a state of Grace (Knowing this Will happen)
7. Allowing is getting out of your own way and letting this Unfold as it will
8. Let go of ALL Expectation…for it already exists in Spirit


9. To Fully Receive you must give thanks to Spirit
10. Acknowledging is Being in a state of Gratefulness
11. Acknowledging is Being present to fully Accept the Gift
12. Giving thanks to All you Receive creates space to Receive even More

What words resonate with you?

How can you Live your Words?

Until next time… Make each day count!

Be Encouraged,

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