The Power From Working within A Group


There has been so much turmoil in the world lately and at the very same time many people have come together and formed special groups to help in any way they can. Many times these groups are springing out of the generosity & caring hearts of many who don’t personally know the people or who are many miles away from the conflict. These collective helping groups are indeed making a positive impact on these situations. There have been healing and prayer groups coming together recently that have had tremendous success in healing the intended person or persons. This had gotten me to think about the power of group work.

So… here’s my 2 cents on the power from working within a group.

1. The collective group creates a energy that propels the prayer or intended healing into being

2. Working in a group helps strengthen & encourage the positive flow of energy

3. Many people coming together for a common cause far exceeds the efforts of a few

4. Thoughts are powerful and when combined with positive intention and belief become reality

5. Group work can happen in person at a special meeting location to share the same physical space

6. Group work can also happen through distance with intention and collective energy

7. Energy is intensified and multiplied when others join in for a common goal

8. Positive Energy groups are making a difference globally

9. The Energy formed within these groups creates a ripple effect and goes farther with more people combined

10. Global groups are making boarders disappear as the Positive Energy has no boarders

11. Group work doesn’t need to take much time to do; from few minutes a day to a dedicated hour or so can make such an impact

12. The Intended Effort and Belief is the power and magic that creates the wave of healing possible

What groups have you participated in recently?

Are you willing believe and to join in to help others?

Until next time… Make each day count!

Be Of Service,

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