Learning To Interpret The Message


Last week I spoke about listening to the messages from your Animal Spirit Guides & how to connect & tune into nature to become open to the messages. For me, the hardest part was interpreting what these messages were telling me. As with most things in life…the more you “try” to figure things out & expect an answer that fits your comfort zone & your ego…you block the very message you want to receive. To really understand the messages that you are given you have to surrender to the idea that you already know the answer…it’s just hidden under the self doubt & noise that usually blocks your intuition. The act of surrendering to the message is simple…listen & let go of expectations. Sounds simple…and it is.
The quickest way to block any messages is simple as well; to believe that this is nonsense & is all in your imagination, to expect a certain answer or to believe that you can control how you will receive this message; this is just your ego talking to you & trying to keep you small & comfortable & safe. (the same as before)
I learned how to use my intuition to know what the message is telling me. I really didn’t read any books on the subject when I first started (as I said before…this was all new to me & I was very scared of telling most everyone, so I developed my own way of deciphering what I needed to know)
Now, ten years later I have a few books & websites on Animal Spirit Guides that I use as way to get deeper meanings of messages or a new way to see the animal.
Again I am feeling in my very being that NOW is the time to share from my heart this information & to speak to others who also have many gifts & to share this knowledge & wisdom with many people.

So… here’s my 2 cents on learning to interpret the message.

Having practiced the 2 guidelines from last week on tuning in & listening for the messages, now you interpret the message:

1. Go with the first thought that pops into your mind (Heart)
2. Is the Animal Spirit Guide talking to you…a word or a phrase may be repeated several times as the animal caws, barks or chatters. (closed eyes may help)
3. When no message seems to come forward… close your eyes & see if you receive any pictures or images from within
4. Set the intention that you Will receive the perfect message in the perfect way…then release all expectations
5. Messages may be sent with a feeling…what are you feeling…
6. Check-in with your heart & be open to not know what the message is right away…this may take time to get the hang of…relax into not knowing all right now
7. See if the same Animal comes around more often for you…this may be one of you Totem Animal Spirit Guides
8. This is deeply personal work, so what an Animal Spirit Guide message means for you, may be different for someone else.
9. The general meanings of an Animal Spirit Guide may be the same, the deeper meaning is Your work to figure out
10. Trust yourself to know the meaning & the truth behind the message when you receive…You’ll know

What is your Animal Spirit Guide saying to you?

Are you listening?

Until next time… Make each day count!

Be Ready To Receive,

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2 Comments on “Learning To Interpret The Message”

  1. Glolodugh Says:

    Just want to say what a great blog you got here!
    I’ve been around for quite a lot of time, but finally decided to show my appreciation of your work!

    Thumbs up, and keep it going!

    Christian, iwspo.net

  2. Nicole Rousselle Says:

    Much appreciated Gloldugh!

    Peace 🙂

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