Listening To The Messages From Animal Spirit Guides


Last week I spoke about finding out that Crow was one of my Animal Spirit Guides & how this changed how I viewed my connection to nature. I now saw the animal kingdom as a way that Creator speaks to us so we can hear messages. When I discovered that Crow would come to me when I asked for a sign or needed comforting…Crow came. Sometimes in the physical sense; I would see a crow or 2 or more when thinking of Crow. Other times Crow came to me by a random picture I passed by, or by hearing a conversation that mentioned Crow’s name or I would see a t-shirt with a picture of a crow. At first I was quite skeptical & would dismiss these signs as “just a coincident” and ignore the message. This seemed to result in seeing/hearing more Crows until I finally had to admit that this was a sign meant for me.
I vividly remember while on a walk several years ago & had been ignoring my Crow messages when suddenly a flock of crows numbering more than 10 flew over head, circled a few times & then ALL perched on a large tree in front of me. I looked skyward & said “Okay, Okay, I get it! You are sending me a message…WHAT do you want me to know!” This became my next lesson – How to Interpret these messages.
I was not brought up in a family that “spoke” to animals or received messages from them…so this was all new to me & I kept this information private & away from most people. I didn’t want to be viewed as completely nuts & ridiculed for this great gift I had learned to receive. So I kept this hidden for many years…Until now.
I feel in my heart that NOW is the time for me to share this information with others as humanity IS shifting to a higher state of consciousness. I also feel in my heart that those who have unique gifts need to teach others how to tap into these energies & uncover these gifts within themselves.

So… here’s my 2 cents on listening to the messages from animal spirit guides.

In having practiced the guidelines from last week in tuning into nature to receive the signs, now you listen for the message:

1. Relax & clear your mind
2. Stay in a state awe and wonder…be curious
3. Watch & observe the animal who has come to you
4. What is the animal doing that seems different or very intended
5. Watch for literal meanings in the behavior & motions of this animal (sometimes simple is best)
6. Take in the feelings you are experiencing right now
7. If you are unclear about the message…Ask for a clearer sign (don’t request what that sign needs to be…just ask)
8. Practice…practice…practice; the more confident you become, the more clearer the messages become

All we need to do is pay attention & stay present in our life & the messages will come.

Have you listened fully to your received messages?

Until next time… Make each day count!

Be Open To Receive,

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