Messages Received By Animal Spirit Guides

I first heard about Totem Animals and Spirit Animal Guides over a decade ago, by a wonderful woman who was so connected to listening to her intuition. She introduced me to the wonders of listening to the messages from your Animal Spirit Guides, which are animal messengers sent from the creator to give us clues and signs to help us navigate through life. How does this happen you may ask…a sudden appearance of a animal, who then acts in a particular manner; as if to get your attention, this is an Animal Spirit Guide. (Usually you are also alone when they appear with a message for you) I started to notice Crows – They seemed to come around when I was feeling down or sad. Seeing the Crows would instantly brighten my day and I felt understood, heard and not alone anymore. After I noticed that Crow was one of my Animal Spirit Guides, they came around more often and seemed to offer more hope and peace into my life. They were my first animal teachers that communicated through just their being that We Are All Connected.

So… here’s my 2 cents on tuning into messages received by animal spirit guides.

I’ve chosen to break down these steps over several writings to provide a more simplistic and easy to follow guide.

1. Nature = Animals

Animals are part of nature, so it makes sense that that to see more animals, you need to be out more in nature, unplugged from electronic devices and in the present moment.

2. Breathing = Relaxing

When taking a walk outside remember to take deep breaths, soak in the fresh air, notice the trees, the flowers and nature all around…this is living in the present moment.

3. Alert = Noticing

Become mindful and alert to the sounds of nature. Listen for any animal sounds (birds, squirrels even bugs) The first step is to just listen for the sounds…hear what is going on around you and take in all in.

4. Gratitude = Appreciation

Appreciate nature in all that you see: trees, grass, flowers, even the weeds. The act of appreciating encourages you to be in a more receptive mood and to be in the good vibe state, which attracts nature and animals to just Be.

What messages have you received?

Have you connected to nature lately?

Until next time… Make each day count!

Be Alert,

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