Releasing Old Hurts & Pains From The Past

I’ve been going through a new phase in my life…a rebirth of sorts. It seems no matter how hard I try to contain the old…the lid just pops off and I am left with cleaning up the old, dirty and smelly mess that I left in there years ago. So, I’m now cleaning out the corners and attic where I stored long ago not-so-pleasant memories. I have to admit at times I have felt great sadness as this processes has been scary, frustrating and maddening at what I thought I’d work out years ago, only to realize that I’d just contained & packed them away until THE day came…This day, This week and This year.

So… here’s my 2 cents on releasing old hurts & pains from the past.

You will need a quiet & private space to do the following Releasement:
– Follow these steps all the way through

1. Sit in the feeling you are currently feeling – Accept this feeling
2. FEEL this feeling by Acknowledging & Honoring by Naming it
3. Deep breathe…Breath in….Breath out…Breath in…Breath out & BE with this feeling
4. Examine the event that caused this feeling as you are right now…this age…with this much life experience
5. Talk to this Feeling & soothe the younger you verbally by reassuring both that you have survived this event & you have come back to offer help & guidance
6. Speak the words that the younger you needed to hear but didn’t hear
7. Stay with this younger you until there is a feeling of safety and comfort
8. Again speak to the younger you & ask what they now need…listen for the answer
9. Honor the younger you by giving them Unconditional Love
10. Visualize Love & white light surrounding the both of you as you say good-bye to the younger you

Repeat these with each old unresolved feeling event

How are your corners & attics?

Until next time… Make each day count!

Be Releasing,

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