Sometimes You Just Need To Laugh

I’ve been away for a while…not physically but emotionally. I just felt I needed to take a break & stop writing for a while. This year I’ve been learning to follow my heart & go where my intuition leads me. So for the past several weeks I’ve been on a writing & visiting diet…by that I mean I have been choosing to be with my own thoughts & not feeling the need to be around others for a while. This got me thinking….thinking a lot about this recent behavior. Am I just closing myself off from the rest of the world & avoiding everything? I’ve come to the conclusion…Yes & No.

I needed some time just to be by myself without the company of others; just to really understand what I REALLY need at this time. To find out what I really need…I had to go within (Again) and quiet my mind & listen to what my intuition was telling me…That deep down quiet whispering voice that is gentle yet firm…this is my intuition voice. This time away has given me a new perspective on what I need to do for myself & what I need help from others that I cannot get from just from myself.
I found this experience most humbling and the most rewarding when others who were also tapped into their own intuition and had clarity and answered the call to action when guided to do so.

With such a heavy few weeks of sorting out what needed to be sorted out…I have also enjoyed the lighter side of life. Laughter 🙂

So… here’s my 2 cents on sometimes you just need to laugh.

1. Lightens up your mood
2. Breaks you out of anger…you can’t be mad & laugh authentically
3. Pumps your body full of the “feel good” chemicals that reduces stress
4. Puts the day/week/month into perspective
5. Releases the store tension in your jawline
6. Releases the tension in your body
7. Increases your blood circulation
8. Exercises the abs, when done long enough & with gusto
9. Is contagious
10. Is fun

Yup…sometimes you just got to laugh.

Until next time… Make each day count!

Be Lighter & Laugh,

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