Using Nature to Nurture

This past week has been a turbulent week to say the least. I have felt the many shifting energies both earthbound & homebound and this got me thinking about how nature does know what to do energetically…we just need to listen & feel our way to know what we once knew indistinctly when we were more closely connect with the earth & nature. So this past week I have gone inwards to receive the messages I needed to hear by turning to the outside resources of nature.

So… here’s my 2 cents on using nature to nurture.

These are my perceptions on what I’ve noticed to be true for me; you may find some similar & some that are quite different…experiment & get to know what works for you.

1. The Season help point us to in the right direction
2. Spring is coming and I’m tuning into cleaning up my living spaces for the business that is ahead
3. Summer is the time for enjoyment, social gatherings & Living in the moment
4. Fall is the time to get done all the unfinished business & prepare for a slowing down
5. Winter is the time for Rest & Restoration
6. The Moon gives us different phases to work through our different phases each month
7. New Moon = Cleansing & Planning Goals
8. 1st Quarter = Affirmations & Attraction of all sorts
9. Full Moon = Releasing Old Patterns
10. Last Quarter = Banishing & Purging unwanted items
11. The Sun also gives us clues to help us along our life.
12. Full Sun = Rejuvenation & Happiness
13. Partly Sunny = Sustained Energy & Business
14. Cloudy = Slower Pace & Sleepiness
15. Rainy = Quietness & Reflective

How does Nature Nurture you?

Are you willing to explore what Nature can do for you?

Until next time… Make each day count!

Be Guided,

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