Who Shows Up For You

I was listening to a radio call-in show a while back where one guest shared that she had made a really nice romantic plans for New Years Eve with her boyfriend. She had spent a few weeks in preparation to get just the perfect meal planned, bought the wine and had envisioned this night as something really special. It turned out her boyfriend became sick with the flu just days before New Year’s Eve and he was in no condition to go anywhere or celebrate. So she took a few deep breaths and decided to call her mom up and spend the evening with her; once she realized that she wasn’t going to be with her boyfriend, she made peace with this. She ended her story with this great quote “Love the one you’re with” Okay…. I’d heard this expression before, but just then…I really understood the words.

So…here’s my 2 cents onwho show up for you.

1. When the chips are down…Who Shows Up For You
2. When your heart has just been broken…Who Shows Up For You
3. When the money runs scarce…Who Shows Up For You
4. When you need a hug…Who Shows Up For You
5. When the dark days are upon you…Who Shows Up For You
6. When you are in need of a favor…Who Shows Up For You
7. When you need a place to rest…Who Shows Up For You
8. When you really need to laugh…Who Shows Up For You
9. When you need to talk…Who Shows Up For You
10. When you feel lonely…Who Shows Up For You
11. When the world seems to turn their back to you…Who Shows Up For You
12. When you need to hear a friendly voice…Who Shows Up For You
13. When you need to share great news…Who Shows Up For You
14. When you need to share sad news…Who Shows Up For You
15. When you just need to be listened to…Who Shows Up For You

Sometimes the person who shows up in your time of need is not who you expected…Love The One Your With!

Who really shows up for You?

Until next time… Make each day count!

Be Open,

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