Creating Balance In Your Life

This week has gotten me thinking about balance & what this means to me. A lot has been written about this seemingly simply word… and the more you read, the more discover that maybe balance isn’t so simple.

So… here’s my 2 cents on creating balance in your life.

When proper care and concern have been added to Balance:

1. Balance is…Creating YOUR Rhythm
2. Balance is…An ongoing maintenance
3. Balance is…Fine tuning what works
4. Balance is…Fine tuning what doesn’t seem to work
5. Balance is…Creating inner joy
6. Balance is…Calming
7. Balance is…Adjusting for life’s bumps
8. Balance is…Claiming back YOUR Time
9. Balance is…Going with your inner wisdom
10. Balance is…Enjoying the Moments in Life
11. Balance is…Work to keep
12. Balance is…Centering

What does Balance mean to you?

Are you Balanced yet?

Until next time… Make each day count!

Be Balanced,

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