15 Reasons To Be Lead By Leaders

Have you ever met someone who just seems to have it all together…& then you get to hear their story on HOW they got to be where they’re at now? Fascinating and illuminating to say the least. I have met a handful of people just like this & they have such varied backgrounds & career paths. The main common denominator is that these leaders have all be lead by another successful leader and they just happened to follow these leaders advice.

So…here’s my 2 cents on 15 reasons to by lead by leaders.

1. Leaders…Walk the talk everyday
2. Leaders… Are already successful in their field of expertise by following a Leader in their life
3. Leaders…Give back to help others
4. Leaders…Have persevered through adversity and come out the other side
5. Leaders…Remain humble and don’t flaunt their status
6. Leaders…Are respected by their peers
7. Leaders…Are respected by others
8. Leaders…Command respect; NOT demand respect
9. Leaders…Are the first ones to take responsibility on their teams
10. Leaders…Welcome & Embrace change
11. Leaders…Adapt well to current situations
12. Leaders…Allow others to lead at times
13. Leaders…Have respect for new learning
14. Leaders…Create other Leaders
15. Leaders…Simply Lead by example

Who are you willing to let in to Lead you?

Are you a leader in your own life?

Until next time… Make each day count!

Be open to be Lead,

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2 Comments on “15 Reasons To Be Lead By Leaders”

  1. Do you realize that YOU are a leader? You have been my mentor on my path lately, and I thank you!

  2. Nicole Rousselle Says:

    Thank you for your kinds words.
    I’m just stating how I see thnigs & my thoughts on what impacts my world.

    Keep on being YOU PE…This is Your Gift to the World 🙂

    Keep bloging…keep speaking your truth!

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