First Aid For Yourself

There comes a time in your life when you simply say “Enough!” and you finally take a stand for your health, your sanity and your very Being. What is the stand you’ve taken…to no longer be used up like a dirty old dishrag. What you come to realize is that people will suck out your energy in every way possible if you let them, so you have taken a stand now for your own sake.

So….self care is first aid for you.

1. The Power of NO!

Learning to say “No” is an important first step in your first aid plan. This very act, is taking back your own power. No, is one of the very first words children learn to say…They intuitively know that this is a powerful word that commands attention. Say No! with Conviction, Without Apology or Guilt.

2. The Power on ALONENESS

Learning to be comfortable by Yourself with Your Self is the second step in your first aid plan. This is truly a Gift that once you start to accept and incorporate in your daily routine (that’s right…I said Daily) you will make this a priority and schedule in this sacred time for Yourself to replenish your soul.

3. The Power of QUITENESS

Learning to enjoy the sound of quietness is very centering and crucial to your first aid plan. It is within the silence that you can truly hear Yourself. Giving yourself the opportunity to have no noise to distract you from hearing what your very Being needs and wants. It is within the silence that one hears their true voice, their soul speaking to guide you in the best possible direction.

4. The Power of LETTING GO

Learning to let go of control is a necessary first aid Essential. When you truly realize the fact that you cannot control ANYTHING except for your actions, reactions & responses to situations…you will have a Much more calm & peaceful life. Understanding and applying this simple, yet difficult task requires an inner belief that you Trust Yourself. You trust yourself enough to know that no matter what happens you will be able to handle the situation. As a result of this new found Self Trust…your outer world will become calmer, more peaceful and more joyful.

Everyone needs a First Aid Kit & a First Aid Plan.

Have you put together your First Aid Plan?

Until next time… Make each day count!

Be First,

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