A New Year & A Fresh Start

Happy New Year to everyone!

This is a time of renewal, reflections  and commitment to do better than the previous year by many. Often these resolutions are made in haste and no real thought has been put into what you are REALLY prepared to do in order to meet these new goals. This year I challenge you to push beyond the regular off handed resolutions: To lose weight, To quit smoking, To better myself….you get the point.

So… here’s my 2 cents on a new year a fresh start.

This Year Resolve To:

1. Re-Align with my intuition & trust MYSELF more
2. Commit to reading a book a month for Personal Growth (CD, Podcast…)
3. Set aside 30 minutes a day of undisturbed reflection time for Myself
4. Make a daily appointment to Check In with & Listen to my Heart
5. Organize my Thoughts & Keep only Thoughts that Uplift my Being
6. De-Clutter my Mind and throw out Old Beliefs & Tapes that no longer fit
7. Let Go of Limiting Beliefs of lack
8. Unleash your Creative Mind
9. Cultivate & Nature your DREAMS
10. Set Free your Soul and Live YOUR Life

This year IS YOUR YEAR!

What are you resolved to do THIS year?

Have you started your New Year yet?

Until next time… Make each day count!

Be A New Year All Year,

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