Creating A More Calm & Peaceful World


We can create a more peaceful world!
Okay…does this sound intimidating?
There is a saying that springs to mind when I am contemplating a personal change habit: If you don’t like something change it; if you can’t change it, change the way you think about it. ~ by Mary Engelbreit.
What does this mean…Just Do it…That’s all there is to do. Personal change Requires ACTION.

A recent example of this happened just the other morning… I was on my way to work, quite pleased with myself that I was on time & was feeling quite calm. Ahhhh…I had just settled in my seat on the morning commute train and was relaxing to an inspiring pod cast I was listening to on my IPod.
All of a sudden a women got on the train, flopped down harshly beside me carrying one of her 2 small children with her & angrily shouted at her oldest to “JUST SIT THERE DAMN IT!” at the seat directly across from her.
I have to admit; I was miffed that SHE was interrupting my nice, quiet, relaxing time.
Then I started thinking thoughts like: HOW dare SHE yell at her small kids? HOW could she be sooo angry this early morning already?

Then it hit me…I was judging her and not doing her one bit of help…even IF I was just thinking these negative thoughts.
I decided that I would silently give her some of my calm energy & I myself got into feeling calm, peaceful & loving.
Then her youngest child started to engage me by talking to me in her cute, babbling-I-understand-only-a-few-words talk. I responded happily to this child and got her to pick out some symbols from the safety stickers on the window (mommy, baby, doggy…) The child was delighted to tell me stories of her day & the pictures she saw. (baby talk)
The mom saw this exchange & she started to calm down & relax a little. The older child of 3 started to calm down as well & started to tell her mom pictures she saw & the mom responded positively with her.
I got to talk to the mom and asked her the ages of her kids, 3 years & 18 month old. I said it must be hard getting ready 2 young children so close in age, she agreed that it was hard & that today was really difficult as she also forgot the stroller in her rush today. Soon it was time for them to get off at their stop and as the mom was leaving the train she said “thanks for calming me down by talking with me today…I really needed it” and she left with a smile on her face & 2 small children in tow.

This really touched me…we only rode together for 6 minutes…& within 6 minutes I was able to affect change with 3 people. Who knows, maybe the mom was able to better cope with her kids that day because of this calm feeling.

So… If you don’t like something change it; if you can’t change it, change the way you think about it.

Happy Holidays everyone!!

Until next time… Make each day count!

Be Change,

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One Comment on “Creating A More Calm & Peaceful World”

  1. 4roots Says:

    So…actions takes reflection too! They are recursive parts of life that will help us all find PEACE.

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