Energy Re-Fuel

Everyone is talking these days about ENERGY. There are many types of energy in the form of: utilities (gas, lights, heat) A specific feeling about a place or person and Personal. This week has got me thinking about Personal Energy and what that means to me.

So… here’s my 2 cents on creating an Energy Re-Fuel.

1. Each person has only so much Energy to give out…Your job is to know where your levels are
2. Know when to conserve your Energy to avoid a complete deletion
3. You cannot give out what you do not already have, when you are depleted your job is to Re-Fuel YOURSELF first
4. Engage in some personal Soul Restorative activities that gives Energy back to you
5. Learn to say NO!
6. Set up healthy boundaries to keep and maintain your Personal Energy
7. Engage in positive pastimes that give you Energy (meditation, regular exercise, creative hobbies…)
8. Surround yourself with positive & uplifting people (you become WHO you hang around)
9. Create a space to unwind and rest
10. Honor your body’s natural rhythms and sleep when you’re tired
11. Begin each day with a smile & a sense of purpose
12. End each day with a smile & no regrets

What Re-Fuels you?

How can you add more Re-Fueling tools into your life?

Until next time… Make each day count!

Be Energized,

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