Just Relax

With the holiday season in full swing & your holiday celebration can now be counted in days remaining…this may cause panic in the minds & hearts of many. (Okay…I may be talking about me here!) There is a secret to surviving…no, Thriving, during this busy & stressful season. Want to know what it is…ready…Just Relax…Deep Breathe…& Enjoy the Holidays! Ready or not…they are still coming…so why not enjoy them.

So… here’s my 2 cents on how to just relax.

1. Laugh…. A lot… no seriously, just laugh! (releases natural good feeling chemicals in the body)
2. Humor…needed NOW! Watch some lighthearted comedy movies and relax
3. Enjoy a bubble bath
4. Bubble wrap! Yep…you know you want to do it…Go ahead & just pop to your heart’s content (Popity Pop!!!)
5. Take a ME day: put phone away, turn off computer, stay in PJ’s & Lounge…Read…Rest
6. Take a refreshing walk & walk
7. Pamper yourself with some self care by doing something just for you
8. Nurture your soul & take in some beauty (museum tour, a nature walk, visiting a garden…)
9. Did I mention to enjoy a bubble bath?
10. Bake some homemade cookies & enjoy a few
11. A foot soak is a good thing….so soothing…
12. Put some relaxing music on & listen…deep breath in …deep breath out…

** Repeat all the above suggestions as needed!

What relaxation tool can you use?

Have you relaxed & chilled out yet?

Until next time… Make each day count!

Be Relaxing,

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One Comment on “Just Relax”

  1. CoolKat Says:

    Good tips!

    I enjoy your blog 🙂

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