Re-organizing What Matters Most


Winter and Holiday season are HERE! Ready or not…It is upon us. So, how are you going to spend your time? Are you going to STRESS OUT over the many demands & pull of your time? Are you going to decide what is MOST important TO YOU and spend your time on these activities and people?

So…… here’s my 2 cents on re-organizing what matters most.

1. Give back to those who have given to you
2. Giving can be in many forms…Be Creative…Be Daring…Be Different
3. Give the gift of Time; spend some really good quality time with people who uplift you
4. Give the gift of Sincerity…Mean what you say
5. Share your heart with people who give back to you
6. Family Shamily…Really, get over yourselves!
7. Family doesn’t have to be blood related to be your “Family”
8. Choose to celebrate the holiday season Your way
9. Start a NEW holiday tradition this year…A No Stress holiday season
10. Vow to spend all day & evening in your PJ’s at least once during the holidays
11. Ginger cookies, hot chocolate, marshmallows, slippers and a great movie (sharing optional)
12. Taking a late night walk in the cool crisp air & watching the starry sky come alive
13. Believe in miracles
14. Warm hugs, gentle kisses, great friends, loving hearts & sharing memories

What are you willing to do this Holiday season?

How are you going to Re-organize what matters most to you?

Until next time… Make each day count!

Be Meaningful,

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