Cleaning Out The Cobwebs


We all clean our homes from time to time and we usually do a thorough clean…to clean out the cobwebs so to speak. Well, our mind is no different; we need to just clean out the old limiting statements, beliefs & junk that we are just not willing to DRAG around any longer.  Alone time and a centered mind will help with this process…that’s it…you just do it by Doing it.

So… here’s my 2 cents on ways of cleaning out the cob webs.

1. Free your mind of all the noise…get quiet & get alone
2. Clear out the old “I should have…” tapes and messages
3. Clear out the old “I can’t do that” tapes and messages
4. Throw away old values that You no longer value – you get to re-evaluate and toss what isn’t working
5. Create new tapes you Want to play in your mind
6. Create a new attitude of Strong Self-Belief
7. Value the positive changes you Are making
8. Trips…Stumbles…Falls…ARE part of the plan…Just keep going forwards!
9. Surround your Self with positive people
10. Join & participate in groups or clubs that uphold your New values & beliefs
11. Drop acquaintances, friends and activities that are NOT in alignment with these new Values
12. Develop your own guidance markers…If it fits, keep it…If it no longer fits or sound right to you, drop it

What cob webs have you cleared lately?

How could this change your life?

Send me an Email with 3 of your new values at:

Until next time… Make each day count!

Be Clutter Free,

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