10 Ways To Listen To What Your Soul Already Knows

Sky Heart

I had a very interesting week, last week. I reconnected again with a dear friend, meet some new friends and am learning to let go… and just be. All the while learning to trust my instincts and develop a clearer sense of who I am. The business of lives can sometime get in the way of discovering who we truly are and what our true purpose is all about. I’ve learned to takes some quite time-outs for myself and to just get away from the noise & distractions to hear what my soul really wants.

So… here’s my 2 cents on ways of listening to your soul.
1. Get QUIET…..
2. Get STILL….
3. Listen to what your heart is saying….your head is too noisy already…The heart KNOWS
4. Create a space that you can just be alone and LISTEN….Listening is the beginning!
5. Develop the ability to enjoy your own company…in quietness…stillness and solitude
6. In hearing your own heart…That is where your power resides… Take back your power!
7. The heart is the gateway for the Truth of your Soul to speak
8. Trusting the information you receive from your Heart & Soul takes practice…So keep doing it
9. Believe that You have your own answers within…Outside, you rely on others…Only you know what is best for your Self
10. Learning to trust your Soul means…Peace…Freedom…Serenity…Inner Knowing

What are you listening to?

How would your world look if you listened to your Soul?

Email me some ways you are listening to your Soul at: Nicole.2cents@gmail.com

Until next time… Make each day count!
Be Soulful,

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One Comment on “10 Ways To Listen To What Your Soul Already Knows”

  1. Christina Seitz Says:

    I love this! You are a beautiful, soulful writer and also an amazing person! xo

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