Action Counts & Words Are For Sissies

 flying dogThis week’s post is an IN-YOUR-FACE Wake-up Call! This is meant to get you off your ASS… and INTO ACTION! Everyone can SAY what they want to do, be, or have…It is only the people who take ACTION & and follow through with their goals…COUNT!
Dreams are useless…IF there is no action behind them. They become nice little platitudes that sound great to all around you & for a moment…you can look like you have it all together. The Truth is No Action = Not All Together.

So… here’s my 2 cents on Action counts most in the end.

1. Flit from one “Great Idea” to the next without completing the original idea… No Action = NOTHING getting completed

2. Speak great words of wisdom to others to be perceived as knowledgeable, yet unable to incorporate same words of wisdom into your own life…No Action = PHONY & POSER

3. Speak about wanting to have rich rewarding relationships, yet unable to follow through with a simple invitation or casual meet up with a friend… No Action = NOT FRIENDS With SELF

4. Speak about wanting to make a difference in people’s lives in a profound way, yet there is little evidence that you’ve invested real and lasting Personal Growth into your own life first… No Action = NO REAL Authority

5. You’re only fooling yourself by not having the courage to follow through on your dreams, goals & commitments. People READ into what you DO… No Action = NO Personal Truth = No BELIEVABILITY

The gig is up…. you’re too important to play down your talents & gifts. Take the risk and stand in your TRUTH… Your actions matter to many people!

What are you going to change TODAY?!

What would your day, week, month & year look like if you lived your truth & took ACTION?

Email me some Actions that you are willing to put in front of your words at

Until next time… Make each day count!
Be Actionable,

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