Songs That Sing To My Heart

music is life

For me, music and songs have been the constant companion in my life. I remember events, timelines, feelings and what I was doing all by hearing a song…it just takes me back to a specific time period. Music is heard on a level that is universal in its most basic sense…EMOTION.

So… here’s my 2 cents on the songs that sing to my heart.

1. I Believe in Music * Sung by Mac Davis
2. Perhaps Love * Sung by John Denver & Placido Domingo
3. Sunshine On My Shoulders * Sung by John Denver
4. Calling Occupants * Sung by The Carpenters
5. Imagine * Sung by John Lennon
6. Higher Ground * Sung by Stevie Wonder
7. Love Is In The Air * Sung by John Paul Young
8. Up On The Roof Top * Sung by the
9. Ray Of Light * Sung by Madonna
10. Joy To The World * Sung by Three Dog Night
11. One Love (Song of The Lion) * Sung by Pat Benatar
12. One Love * Sung by Bob Marley
13. Believe It Or Not * Sung by Joey Scarbury
14. Spirit In The Sky * Sung by Doctor and The Medics
15. Rise Up Rise Up * Sung By Parachute Club

What songs make pull emotion out of you?

Have you created a list yet?

Send me an email on songs that make your heart sing at

Until next time… Make each day count!

Be Heartful,

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